Rental Conditions

1. Depending on your contract, rates could be for limited or unlimited mileage use and Service is chauffeur drive. Where rate is for limited mileage, KM allowed is 100km per day and extra charges apply depending on model.
2. Rate is exclusive of VAT.
3. Except where credit relationship is established, full payment plus 30% refundable deposit is made prior to commencement of rentals.
4. All toll fees are borne by client.
5. Fuelling of vehicle is the responsibility of client except where client opts for it to be included in the bill. (This attracts a premium of 10%)
6. A NO SHOW fee of 50% of rental and Full Amount for Pickup and Drop off is applicable when change in reservation is not communicated within 12 hours of commencement of rental
7. Pickup wait time is one hour after which reintroduction of up to 4 hourly rate applies. After 4 hours wait, full day rental applies
8. Chauffeur out of station is N5,000.00 and N10,000.00 per day within and outside Nigeria respectively
9. Chauffeur’s overtime is charged at N250.00 per hour after 6pm and N500.00 per hour after midnight
10. Public holiday rentals attract a charge of N1,500.00 per day for chauffeur and Weekend charges for chauffeur shall be N1,500 per day
11. Special Allowance of N500.00 is charged for early morning and late-night pickups i.e. pickups before 6am and after midnight.
12. For Self Drive:
• All self-drive customers are covered automatically by Third Party Liability Insurance whereby cover is only for injury, death of or damage to third party (others). This policy excludes the following:
- Use of vehicle for hire or reward.
- Damage to property being carried in the vehicle.
- Use of vehicle by persons who do not possess a valid driver’s license.
- Driving under the influence of intoxicants.
- Operating of the vehicle by an unauthorised driver.
13. To protect yourself beyond this policy, we offer the following covers which are optional. These policies do not waive the excess amount usually charged.
• TP- Theft Protection and cost per day for Saloons are N1,000 and for Buses, Jeeps and Luxury Saloons N2,000.
• CDW- Collision Damage Waiver and cost per day for Saloon is N1,000 and for Buses and Jeep N2,000.
• PI- Personal Insurance and cost per day is N500.
14. Declining these protection means customer is fully liable for any damages to, loss or theft of vehicle.
15. Delivery and collection charges is N2,000.00 (Saloon) and N3,000.00 for (pick up van, buses and SUV) respectively.
16. We do not offer advance notification of the invoice total. This is calculated only after the completion of rental.

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